Let Me Help You Be the Change You Want to See

Why Psycho-Zen Mom?

My purpose for creating Psycho-Zen Mom is to send a message to women and mothers, especially those struggling to survive, that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  My intention is to help women with REAL struggles like poverty, learning life skills, recovery of any kind – ad infinitum.  I want Psycho-Zen Mom to be a one-stop-shop for women who feel like they really don’t know what to do anymore about their situation and help them to find the resources to overcome their struggles.  I also want to reach out to the women who may not necessarily be going through the struggles discussed, but may have a friend or neighbor they see that needs a helping hand and want to do something about it.  I want Psycho-Zen Mom to be about women empowering and encouraging other women to go from “psycho” to “zen.”

How Psycho-Zen Mom Can Help

Personally, I have struggled through a lot in my 30 years of existence.  I have been a victim of various kinds of abuse, I am an addict/alcoholic in recovery as well as being a loved one of an addict/alcoholic.  I have been homeless, married, divorced, have been a single-parent, co-parent, have been a member of a combined family, etc.  I have gone through custody battles, welfare lines, job hunting with a record, and much more.  The point is, I have struggled through and overcome many seemingly insurmountable obstacles.  I have also had many opportunities to help others by sharing my experiences and suggestions.  I have even had the chance to help women with struggles I have never experienced by finding resources for them via other women who have walked through it or by just making the time to find reliable information and guidance.

What Psycho-Zen Mom is NOT

Although it may seem to appear my purpose is to be a life coach, I do not deem myself as such because I do not charge fees for my services.  Service is the keyword here.  I am not a doctor, therapist, or any other “professional” paid to do this.  I have no gimmicks, sales pitch, etc.  I may look for a way to make money blogging if it doesn’t impede on the purpose of my work via Psycho-Zen Mom, but I am not looking to reel you in just to let you down with a sleazy “buy this” or any other such mumbo jumbo.

Now What?

Now, you contact me with your concerns.  Until I get feedback, my goal is to pick a monthly struggle/topic – inspired by women around me or what I am presently walking through.  I want to spend a month on each topic because I feel as though if it’s a REAL struggle it needs REAL attention.  I want YOUR emails because you’re in need.  I want to address the issues of the women reading this as quickly as possible.  I am willing to help on a one-on-one basis should the need arise.  If there’s something you want to learn about, need resources for, ANYTHING you want to see on this site – EMAIL ME!