Who doesn’t want to be successful? Who wants to have more time playing and less time working so hard? Who wants to go on vacations with their family instead of taking advantage of overtime? Who wants fat paychecks rather than the measly one that might stretch to next payday? I know I do!

The thing about success is that, unless you win the lottery, it takes a LOT of time, energy, and hard work to achieve it. Even if you did win the lottery, would it really feel like success? Don’t get me wrong, I’d LOVE to win the lottery, it would certainly take care of financial insecurities–if I’m wise about how I use that money–but I don’t think I could consider that a success.

We strive to be successful–all of us–but why? Let’s be honest, we want to be successful for selfish reasons–fame, glory or for the money. We may even have selfless ideas about becoming successful, but in the end, it’s to get us what we want.

Success isn’t a bad thing, but most of us will never reach the type of success we seek–and I’ll tell you why…

Most of us lack VALUE! I mean, we’re all valuable, precious human beings, but when it comes to being of value to others…We fall by the wayside. And I think I know why…

Today I was inspired to write this because someone reminded me that I can be of value. I think we forget we have it in us. Once we feel we are of no use, we believe it and live as if it’s true. But it’s not!!!

Then there are the times we want to be helpful in a very specific way, but not provided with the opportunity to be. There’s a reason for that, I’m learning. We’re meant to be useful somewhere else. Today reminded me of that too.

“I see real value in what you’re saying…thank you for caring about this, it means a lot to me.”

I was just doing what I’d do for anyone that wanted my professional guidance. It’s my job! But I forget that so many people don’t even find value in their work, how could they feel valuable doing it!?

Then it dawned on me–unless we can see the value in what we do, we won’t have anything of value to offer others. If we don’t have anything of value to offer others, how could we ever expect to be successful!?

So ol’ Albie hit it on the nose–seek value not success. With value comes success. I know that from my experience today, I’ve got a client who values my opinion just by showing her what I can do for her, and that I do it because I care. She trusts me.

It’s a wonderful feeling knowing someone recognizes that I really do care about them. It’s even better to know that I’ve helped someone because I care. I take pride in all my endeavors–on my road to success–but it wouldn’t be of much value to anyone if I was only about My success.

So if you’re struggling out there on some idea of what life should be like or that you’re a million light-years from being the success we know you’re capable of being–take a step back and ask yourself, can you see the value in what you’re doing? Is what you’re doing bringing or offering value to others? Do you see value in yourself!?

If not, we’ve got a journey ahead of us! Trust me, it’ll be the best one yet!

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Take care loves!