I don’t think I’ve ever been an introvert…until I became a mom. Staying at home and/or working from home and centering my life around my children has changed me. Moving a great deal away from my friends and having my side of the family across the country has been a difficult adjustment for me. But I have been blessed to have the best in-laws on the face of the planet, and the connections that are still strong have kept me holding on.

I continue to look for ways to build relationships in my new town. It’s still really hard. If anyone knows anything about trying to fit a social life into an already hectic schedule–I sure do. People may bash our technological advances concerning socialization, but honestly, it has been my saving grace to be able to connect with others online when it feels like it’s not working out in real life.

I think the solution to the problem is for us moms to take time out for ourselves. Yes, it’s nice to have those get-togethers with other moms for playdates. But I think we need to make an effort to make playdates with JUST MOMS/FRIENDS. Things are much different these days for parents in general. I think it’s okay to not have our children attached to our hips every moment of every day.

It’s really weird at first–it even feels unnatural at times, especially for those of us with really little ones. I think it’s really important for us, as women and human beings, to understand that we NEED social interaction.

If we can’t take care of ourselves in this way, I believe it can lead us to a dark and lonely place. I don’t know about you, but I’m done with living in the dark. I think it’s reasonable to make an extra effort to find something we enjoy that would require us to be surrounded by others who also enjoy it. There’s so many ways for us to join a club or class for something that also provides us with a group of folks who share that same interest. No need for fear of ice-breaking!

I really like meetup as an avenue to finding others with the same interests. What’s worked for you? I know plenty of moms that would LOVE the input of others who have gone through this. I definitely appreciate any input, as I’m always looking for new ways of building relationships and meeting new people. Comment below all your wonderful ideas!