Today is a special day in our house—it’s FATHER’S DAY!  Even though I write a lot for the benefit of women, I truly write for the benefit all, and that means men too.  Women struggles I know, so I can definitely write about those, and I know some of those struggles are relatable to men as well.  Father’s Day can be a struggle.  It’s special to us because of our struggles with it.

We have a blended family that comes from blended families.  Me and my younger sister come from my mom’s 2nd marriage and have older siblings from my mom’s 1st; my oldest daughter is from my previous marriage; hubby 1 comes from a blended family; my current husband grew up with two sets of parents and step brothers and sisters…so holidays, in general, are pretty interesting for us.  But Father’s Day is kind of extra special these days.

Now, we don’t go all out and make some BIG thing out of it.  I know for me, it’s more of a holiday of observance and gratitude.  I mean, has no one taken the time to appreciate the history of Father’s Day—how it came to be—and how close it is to the Summer Solstice—and the history (of everyone) behind the celebrations of this time of year?  Coincidence?  I think not.

Throughout the history of the world people have taken this time (Summer Solstice) to honor The Father, The Sun God, or some other variation of a father figure who helped create us—people.  Those worshipped, celebrated and/or honored have other qualities outside of the ability to create: power, strength, protection, growth, etc.  The sun warms up the earth to help us nourish our bodies, minds and souls as well as the beautiful and natural creations around us. Who else can comfort us with their warmth that radiates security as the sun does?  Our daddy’s, of course!

What has made Father’s Day so special for us is that, as a family, we’ve learned together that we are all taken care of by some kind of father figure in our lives, whether it’s our biological ones or not.  We all have men in our lives that are helping us.  It may not be the men we intended on getting help from, or we may not get it from the ones we expected it from the most—but if we take a look around, none of us are without.  We may not have always had a man in the house, but there were plenty of wonderful gents and their families who extended their father-like care and protection to us.

It doesn’t really matter if around this time of year you celebrate John the Baptist, Ra, or whatever.  As long as you take some time to pause, feel the sun’s rays warm you up and can remember a person who made you feel that way—just be sure to reach out to them and let them know.  This is the time to observe the fantastic men in your life and be grateful for their existence and realize how crummy it would be without them and letting them know!  Let it come full circle—the love they showered upon you can be reciprocated or at least acknowledged with thanks and celebration.  And when you see others who may not be capable of sharing your enthusiasm on this occasion, sit with them and just love them.

This isn’t the time to mope about who won’t or can’t be around; it’s not about getting daddy the newest gadget or game, no.  This is the time to really observe the men in your life, finding gratitude and appreciation for them, learning how loved, we all truly are, and ensuring that, just as the men in our lives love us, others know the love we have for them.  Let us recognize the ways in which we receive love to learn how to give it.

For us women, it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to take some notes on how men get things done.  Then there are the men who may not totally “know what they’re doing.”  Just take a page from those around you that are living the way you want.  If we don’t know how to do something, even if it’s love or appreciation we don’t know how to show, we learn from those we surround ourselves with.

So I wish everyone a delightful Father’s Day, but if it’s not—find the love—it is DEFINITELY there!  Worst case, contact me and I’ll cheer you up J