I’ve been having a debate inside my head about whether or not our home schooling experiences as well as our experimental parenting methods are worthy topics for my blog.  So I started reading my articles again.  I wanted to recapture my blog’s essence.  Thankfully, after reconsideration, I believe both topics are just right for my site.

Home Schooling

I’m a little disappointed in myself.  I’m an on again-off again, stay-at-home mom, with a blog and may start home schooling.  Ugh.  So freaking cliché.  Even though there are LOADS of other folks out there writing about it, I hope to be more informative.  Getting tossed a bunch of curriculum and ideas is one thing, but implementing them is another.

I hope to provide a step-by-step guide as to how to begin the process of transition from traditional school to home school, as well as help create a REAL, detailed outline of the curriculum, our experiences with our way of implementing the curriculum, all the way down to creating the classroom and what materials are needed.

I believe home schooling shouldn’t be viewed as negatively as it has been.  I do understand some of the social concerns, but that’s where many people lack knowledge regarding home schooled kids.

They potentially have more opportunities for practicing their social skills than those who attend a traditional school environment.  Due to its flexibility, home schooled children tend to participate in many community activities that are social AND educational, including sports, field trips, etc.  All the while, children attending traditional schools are confined to their classrooms for 7 hours out of their day, where MAYBE 30-60 mins is dedicated to outside play.

Also, parents have more control over what their child(ren) is/are learning.  No offense to the American education system, but I’d like to ensure that my children are actually prepared for the REAL WORLD and that glorious occasion when the government tells them they’re adults.

I don’t want my kids to be studying for tests and taking tests all day, every day.  Unfortunately, that’s what it feels like school is now for our children.  Chloe does pretty darn well with those tests, but passing a test isn’t everything.   Considering she does pass their tests – with flying colors, I might add – and struggling with the social aspect of things, this might be the prime time to use home schooling’s flexibility to work on this with her.

Which brings me to…

Experimental Parenting

One of the biggest reasons I feel it’s totally appropriate for me to blog about these two subjects is that, to me, home schooling falls into the category of experimental parenting; and experimental parenting, I believe, could be helpful for others.  Our journey through some tough stuff, like Chloe hitting others and using “jail” as a method of punishment, and sharing it with you guys could help those who are also having a difficult time figuring out how best to discipline their child(ren).

I’m going to be COMPLETELY blunt here, I don’t believe in physically abusing children, but I believe there is a huge difference between swatting a tot on the butt and punching or burning a kid.  Even spankings aren’t horrible.

Children can be total imps, and many an imp has been swatted – I’m sure of it, and I believe there may be a correlation to the increase of hooligans and shenanigans to the decrease of spankings and other types of “corporal” punishments.

I’ve been a victim of and an executor of holding heavy objects with arms stretched out.  Most children, including myself, usually remained obedient for the entirety of the day.  The following weeks, as is the case with most discipline methods, you can usually expect children to test their limits with it.

Also in most cases concerning disciplining children, consistency is what matters most.  As long as they know you mean business and you are going to punish them when you say you’re going to punish them, their testing of limitations gradually disappears.  Then they do something even worse and you’ll have to get creative all over again – it’s so much fun…

But seriously, since most corporal punishments – even spankings – are off the table for most, for various reasons (CPS being one of them – just saying…), we parents need to step up our discipline game and great creative.  So here’s to THAT journey!!

And the “true purpose” of Psycho-Zen Mom may be fulfilled – going from psycho to Zen, even when it comes to parenting.