So Chloe has expressed an interest in home schooling. The first time she seemed serious about it was after her first altercation on the bus…

Anywho, she’s mentioned it a good bit and we said that we would give it a practice run during the summer. I’m still in need of printing a lot of materials, however, I pretty much have an outline for the year, most of the curriculum and non-printable materials for the whole “term.”

Did I mention the twins will be joining her? Yup! Chloe will learn about something that correlates with what the twins are learning, and she can help teach them.

I should also mention that I bought most of the materials after searching for the best bargain for each item AND for each group of materials.  I ended up going to Books-A-Million (aka BAM) and Wal-Mart and spent less than $180.

Materials List:

3 Brain Quest Workbooks (2nd grade & pre-k) – language arts, shapes, colors, sorting, matching, social studies, and science

Waterlife: A Mindful Coloring Book (2nd grade) – educational science and nature coloring book

2 Coloring Flowers (2nd grade & pre-k) – a copy for each of the twins. Chloe will help by writing a report on each flower

2 Coloring Birds (2nd grade & pre-k) – a copy for each of the twins. Chloe will help by writing a report on each bird

4 sets of Flash Cards (pre-k) – ABCs, numbers, shapes & more, beginning words — Sesame Street

2 Dry Erase Boards

2 sets of Dry Erase Markers (1 chisel tip, 1 fine point)

2 pairs of Safety Scissors

1 bottle of Elmer’s School Glue

1 pack of Glue Sticks (6 ct)

1 large Binder (for collaborative nature book)

1 box of File Folders (50 ct)

I still need to get some computer paper, possibly a new printer, and ink (appx. $100-200 added to the expenses, depending on the life span of current printer).  There are lots of materials I would rather print out myself, especially since I couldn’t find alternatives at the stores.

I also use for their curriculum/scheduling suggestions.  I play around with themes if need be, as there are times it’s less expensive to get creative than follow it to a T.  But the curriculum allows for that, which is why I’m so happy to have found it!  Chloe really enjoyed it before she started kindergarten.  The twins are a little younger, but we’re hoping this will be educational AND fun for us all.  The scheduling really revolves around our appointments and making sure certain activities are saved for days with more availability.  For example, during the first week we plan to go to an apple orchard.  Field trips are suggested for Fridays, but can be altered if an appointment is scheduled.  There’s TONS of flexibility with this strategy.

One thing’s for sure – we’re going to be busy!

More to come 🙂