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Let Me Help You Be the Change You Want to See

"Give me your TIRED, your POOR, your HUNGRY..." Let me help you be the change you want to your very own life.  I want to share my experiences and pass them on.  Why?  Because I believe no one should... Continue Reading →

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Reason VS Reality

How many times have you told yourself or someone "no" and gave your reason why, which may have been a sound reason, at the time at least, only to find that you are presented with a similar request later? "Nope,... Continue Reading →

Budget Tip #1 Set Goals

10 Budget Goals to Get You Started

Why Budgeting Is SO Important

Although I’ve addressed this in the past, I’m going to reiterate the importance of budgeting with a bit more clarity.  Life happens, and even though budgeting isn’t exactly the same as financial planning, it’s really just the beginning. Money management... Continue Reading →

Success VS Value

Who doesn't want to be successful? Who wants to have more time playing and less time working so hard? Who wants to go on vacations with their family instead of taking advantage of overtime? Who wants fat paychecks rather than... Continue Reading →

Social Life for SAHM/WAHM

I don't think I've ever been an introvert...until I became a mom. Staying at home and/or working from home and centering my life around my children has changed me. Moving a great deal away from my friends and having my... Continue Reading →

“I Won’t Back Down”

So I had a conversation with the universe, or prayed to God, however you want to word it-- fine by me.  It was just the other day while I was driving.  I’ve been struggling with a few things and I... Continue Reading →


HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! Today is a special day in our house—it’s FATHER’S DAY!  Even though I write a lot for the benefit of women, I truly write for the benefit all, and that means men too.  Women struggles I know,... Continue Reading →

Experimental Punishment: Jail

If you read The Court of Family Law Intro, you have a pretty basic understanding of the background behind us getting to the point of thinking we need to discipline our child much differently than we normally do.  If you... Continue Reading →

Sneak Peek: Penalty List

Hey guys!  Here is a sneak peek at Chloe’s penalty list we used during our experimental punishment of simulating jail.  This will be included in a more detailed article, which is part of my blog series, “Court of Family Law.”... Continue Reading →

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